Because ESO will not have a  typical leveling system, it is very tough to suppose on what is the quickest and easiest way to reach the highest .Anyway, there are a few key issues that you can anticipate to discover in any Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Guide.

One of those keys are described below:

  1. 1.     Grinding Monsters to gain EXP

This method is the oldest from all, and you can find it in every MMORPG. The problem with grinding is that you can miss some very important and fun quests and in the end it isn’t very reliable. Anyway, there are a few omissions where grinding in ESO can be a very constructive form of leveling.

As a rule this comes down to which zones from ESO have the best grinding places. This could be an place where spawn rate of mobs is very fast an you can quick multi-kills, or grouping with other players to kill many elite mobs. For your information, these places in ESO will not always be available, so don’t expect that grinding mobs will level you up fast.

2. Main Quest Line

In most MMORPG’s, game developers want gamers to follow up the story-line, and they do this by offering various in-game items and experience bonuses. Maybe you saw that in other games after completing quests and sub-quests from same main quest story, the last will give you 5 times or more gold bonus and experience bonus than an average quest. We can’t confirm if that will be available in ESO, but maybe there will be implemented.

Dungeons and PvP

Newly MMO games have been rewarding gamers with PVP experience and gold bonuses for competing in PvP matches or specific tasks in PVP matches and usually giving special rewards if they win the PVP match. We are not sure if Elder Scrolls Online will follow same idea but it is something that we need to follow if there will be implemented in our ESO and our ESO leveling guide.

Dungeons will be another great way to level up fast with your group. In ESO is it nice that there will always be one dungeon  available regardless of your current level. The loot system is made in the way that will continue to up-scale as you level up, and as higher level you will be, the higher the rewards will be.

Elder Scrolls Leveling Guide

We will continue to release more information to this guide and our private ESO leveling guides as we get closer to the ESO release. Please keep check us updates because following our ESO guide will help you reach the maximum level as fast as possible.